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as her nails grow, her wisdom does too [Nov. 28th, 2006|08:49 pm]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |lazylazy, bored, wooooo]
[`my ears hear` |'the santa clause' on tv in other room]

peter and i are doing much, much better. :]

thanksgiving was good. and shopping for winter stuff was good. and the aerosmith/motley crue concert was good. seeing vinny was good. seeing chloe was good. not seeing juan wasn't so good! haha.. anyway...

i've been procrastinating way too much. blah.

hmph, so this is my plan for the next like 4-8 years of my life:

-graduate may 2007.
-australia sept 2007.
-full time job at an airline for 1-2 years. [while kellie goes to cosmotology school in ny]
-me and kellie go to hawaii pacific university. [fall 2009?]
-befriend japanese students, learn japanese, go with new japanese friends to japan so i know what's going on when i go there! :]

not sure when kids will be involved though.
i really want to have my first baby between 20-22. but maybe after hawaii, which i'd probably be 24.


it's a good start. at least i have a plan somewhat. ;]

well, that is all. hopefully i'll go to school all day tomorrow. XP
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caffeine keeps me from sleeping [Nov. 10th, 2006|03:12 am]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |awakeawake]
[`my ears hear` |fan spinning]

well, i guess when i don't trust him it's for a reason. hopefully it'll get better after tonight.

i figured out what i want to do with life. pretty sweet.

i need to wash clothes and try to get some sleep. blah.
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pop! goes the weasel [Nov. 8th, 2006|05:00 pm]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |goodgood.. nanananana!]
[`my ears hear` |fan spinning]

me and peter are on pretty good terms. it's pretty much how it was like at the end of school last year though. or maybe even the beginning of this school year. whatever, i love him. and that's all that really matters. i gots to stop my crazy jealousy stuff though. it's hard to trust him :/.

lalala.... so i went to school the last two days. (not including today, yeah i know, shame on me)

peter's off golfing with his dad and brother though so i think i'll do my book report. or something.

tomorrow is a late start day, coolness. i need to study math too. blah.

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you better not have a ride! [Nov. 2nd, 2006|01:52 pm]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |sadextremely sad]
[`my ears hear` |rain outside, tv other room]

so, i made a mistake when i broke up with peter. i was just really really really mad that night. after i slept on it and had a talk with someone, i realized that's not what i wanted.
we went to crackerbarrel sunday afternoon/evening and i duno..
we seemed to be fine.. other than him having no feeling towards anything. :/
monday we were good. tuesday we were good until the no feeling thing came up. so i took him home.
blah. it's been up and down, mostly down, since then. i don't think i've cried so much since like murad died. :[ and it sucks. this sucks so much. i shouldn't have called him and broke up with him. this is all my fault. whatever. blah. and now i'm suffering from it and he's just going on feeling nothing. not that he doesn't feel bad, he doesn't feel good either. he's just has no emotions towards anything or anyone. at least that's how it's been explained..

i haven't gone to school for 9 days, today being day 9. tomorrow will be 10. and then i'm going to try to go back next monday. whatever. i fucked myself over. who cares? i don't.

my uncle's brother died last monday. :/
my best friend's daddy died yesterday. :[

life just isn't going my way.

i need job.
i need motivation.
anddddd i need peter. :'[

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just like that [Oct. 29th, 2006|12:42 pm]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |pissed offpissed off]
[`my ears hear` |tv other room]

so i just broke up with peter a few minutes ago. probably for good.

amanda's halloween party was the shit. last till 11. haha.. whatever. it was cool. i guess.

going to bed, i'm stressed out.

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biting nails until they disappear [Oct. 8th, 2006|08:53 pm]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |blahblah]
[`my ears hear` |tv other room]

*humph* well, sex is good. that's about it.

i'm way too lazy with school.

next weekend i'm going on the bahamas cruise.
weekend after i'm going to halloween horror nights.
weekend after is amanda's halloween party. wooooooooo.

i guess grades close in like a week though. i think i'm pretty much failing half my classes.


i need to work on that.


[i love peter]
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cut above my wrist [Sep. 26th, 2006|06:51 pm]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |bitchybitchy and hungry, but okay]
[`my ears hear` |tv fainty from the other room]

last couple weeks have been alright...
peter & i have been having our ups and downs. but whatever, i love him.
i may or may not be going to homecoming now. i've been offered to go on a cruise to the bahamas the same weekend. i sort of wish a hurricane comes a few days before so homecoming gets postponed and i can do both, but we'll see.

oh i got my license sept 13; which was my 1/2 bday, hahahah... year & a half late, ohh well. and i got a car sept 16.. 2003 white honda crv. it's nice & my new best friend <3 hehe.

definately still going to halloween horror nights oct 21/22. 8)

i needs a job.
i need to pass some classes.
i already pretty much give up on ap. env. sci.
english this quarter is a downer too.
art i've been really lazy but i can do a cool project over these weekends if i ever give myself time.
culinary... is... culinary. i'll pass.
alg 2.. i don't need to pass. but i really should listen more because i definately go into my own little world in that class.
economics is easy. i just need to turn stuff in :)

i love peter crompton.

oh, and this stupid girl who has fucked more than one of my ex boyfriends.. told my fucking boyfriend she likes him. he's already been warned about her since she probably has an std or something.. but she would totally try to jump on his dick anyways. and they're both going on the spring break france trip. >:O! piss me off. stupid whore.
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celebrate good times [Sep. 10th, 2006|11:38 pm]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |lazylazy]
[`my ears hear` |tv other room]

r.i.p bear...... today is his bday :( i love you!

but in better news, i guess me and peter are 'official' now. so, whadup bitches?! hehe.
i love him, he's too cute.
i took him on a police chase and then an 'around my entire house' chase. and...... it was fun. got some excercize, haha.
"would bear want you to say no to me?" -------------- :)

tomorrow is september 11, oooh ahh, 5 years since that shit.
september 12 would be my mom's anniversary, if my parents were still together. (they are still not divorced. so they've been married 25 years! cool! and separated 12! cool! not. but whatever.
september 13 i should be getting my license in the morning. & it's my 1/2 bday. woot. 6 more months till 18.
september 14 i'm retaking my senior pics.
september 15 is my g-mas 67th bday & mike moyer's little brother's 2nd. so cute.
september 17th is murad's bday; r.i.p i love you & miss you, man! :( just not the same.

so yep, that's my week. pretty hefty.

things to look forward to:
-october 14 homecoming
-oct 21/22 halloween horror nights

hurrications in october?!!?!!!

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SHAKE YOUR MONEY MAKER! [Aug. 31st, 2006|11:46 pm]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |exanimateexanimate]
[`my ears hear` |tv other room]

my day:
first period: annoying bitches infront of me. then when class was almost over went over by amanda & peter.
second period: jamie noticed my boobs were inside of my shirt. and nothing else happened but learning i suppose.
third period: stick figure object became alive. evan & brittany chatted about my "myspace" picture. ohmygawd, scandelous, i know. that's why it's thereee! not because i'm a slut, but because i fucking can do that shit. sorry you're fat! anyways... and jamie commented on how my boobs were in my shirt again. zack put boobs on my stick figure styrofome object.
fourth period: got peter his french books... jewlia bagel is in my culinary class! woot! and... we did vocab bs. funnn.
lunch: peter & dawn messed around in cafeteria while his friend brent bought him milk. walked around. visited angie. went back to locker right before the bell rang & mrs urbanick (old spanish 3 teacher-bitch) was like "are you in leadership?" (this is right after the bell rang too..) and we're like no. and she's like well you're not supposed to be in the hallway. fuck that! hahah stupid cunt. anyways..
fifth period: did diagnostic test. found out that i'm on the "no show" list @ boca high.. when i've gone more than half the time... stupid school.
sixth period: listened to the teacher & made brandon blush again. and he also told me i'm on the "no show" list. stupid school once again.

amanda & i went to mcdonalds to be fatasses. yum. "it took yo momma 9 months to make ya, so do her a favor, shake yo money makah!"
"i'll let you and peter have alone time" .. thanks ;) haha

peter came over....... we are cute. and he's so cute when he sleeps and curls into a ball. and we do weird faces. and lalala i love him. anyways.....
angie came over. i edited her college essay thing. so funny. we're stupid. "i may not spell good, but atleast i smell good!" hahahahah i loveeeee you moE!
"attack!" "hola!" "attack!" "hola!" "ATTACK!!!" retarded me...
"whipish!" -- sexy angie making videos of her and bobbizzle. ;) mhmm. skankin' it.
"ew are you eating chinese food? that shit STANKS! wtf? wtf is that? SHRIMP! ewww!"

peter finally got up... we made weird faces and acted like zombies. and vampires. anddd.... i touched his booty. so nice. lalala. ;) haha.... anddd we went to publix and then back to my house then he went home a quarter to 10.. :(

whatever, i see him in the a.m. off to do something.. worth doing? or trying to find something worth doing. peaaaaaace!
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"i bet you 5 dollars they fuck" [Aug. 24th, 2006|05:47 pm]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |fullfull]
[`my ears hear` |tv other room]

i was walking around, walking, walking around
don't know why, but, but i just happened to stop by
i saw you there, got me so, so mad, i got so mad
i yelled at my guy, yup, yup, i yelled at my guy
you're such a bitch, and, and, i just wish
that you'd fucking die, so that you wouldn't stop by
that you wouldn't be standing there, standing right there
right where i am, yup, yup, right where i am
you talk so much shit, shit, talk so much shit
and i wish you would die, fucking wish you would die
once i see you, once i glance over accidently at you
i just wish you would die, only wish is that you die

after that lovely little thing i just wrote... my school week has been alright.
didn't go monday. went tues, wednes, and today. thank god tomorrow is friday!

one week till the license! yes, i know, i'm kinda late. whatever..

mmmmmmmmm....... well right now i'm bored, by myself, eating...

i bought my homecoming dress. soooooooo exotic haha.

this weekend i gotta do an art project and hopefully look for a car. :)
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