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could she be in love?

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get the hell up out of here! [Aug. 24th, 2009|06:06 pm]
could she be in love?
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sooo....... the past 8 months or so a lot has happened, as usual.

january through may i stayed home and went to school while working weekend nights @ big al's in delray beach.

may 10- august 6 i had an apartment in tallahassee, fl which was the shit. loved living there. i didn't work, just took a few classes, partied, and summer vacationed. :)

during most of this period, peter and i had been on hiatus but still talked a lot. right as i was moving back to boca, (was in orlando for angie's grad) i decided i didn't want to see him anymore when i came back. he supposeidly had some sort of epiphany from 'trippin out' with his friends that he "didn't want to be single anymore"-- (currently blames this feeling on depression caused by the drug as an effect) but i fell for his crying and bs at the time, but a couple days later i went off to buffalo for a week.

buffalo, amazing as always. a nice getaway. went to the zoo with gracie, kellie's 1-yr-old niece. food, friends, fun. :)

anyway, i get back, peter picks me up from the airport.. we snuddle that night then i didn't get to see him for a couple days because his parents were being lame. then when i notice that peter is doing the same dickish routine with me via AIM a couple days ago, he says i'm being over dramatic. i think about it, and i could've explained a little better. forgive it, etc. we are good, good yesterday and today, until one little incident comes up. what is that? ohhhh! guess whhhatt? he mentions that he still does want to be single, etc/etc. really?? REALLY? so i pretty much said thanks for making me think all this shit, keeping from me the fact that you changed your mind about wanting to be with me, blahblah. so i said, get your shit, get out, don't talk to me. seriously. wtf. i am so fucking grumpy. thanks for wasting more time of my life, douche bag! i am not here just to benefit you. i want benefits myself, goddamn it.

my classes start tomorrow. i only have class on tuesdays. working full-time, here i come!

ta-ta for now.