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could she be in love?

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most stupid day of my life [Dec. 11th, 2008|07:03 pm]
could she be in love?
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so i'm gunna try to make sense right now but i'm kinda irrational at the moment.

ok well i woke up at say, 4pm on wednesday, yesterday, and i was procrastinating studying for my exams, which i had 2 of today. and like, so i didn't do shit all day, cuz i'm like that.
and like 12am comes around and i planned on taking a shower, because i need to be clean in order to study, i know. and then.. 1220 my mom comes around the hallway and says my aunt called her and she fucking totalled her truck right across from outback on 18th street. so i'm pissed at her cuz she got into a more minor accident just a couple months ago. so i'm like mom just get into my car and let's get the dumb bitch. so we get there, her car is completly fucked in the front and she took down a whole fucking palm tree with her. it was all under her truck. i got mad pictures. my camera was being weird a couple times cuz of the flashing sheriff vehicle for some reason, i had never seen that happen before. anyways, the bitch has restless leg syndrome in her DRIVING leg! so i don't think she should drive anyway. and she had 2 drinks but she had gastric bypass surgery like 8 years ago and so she gets fucked up off one drink. and she thinks she isn't impaired, but she is. and she takes enough pain medications for all the other crap that is wrong with her, cronic migrains, herniated disks in her back, etc. and she goes off on a tangent saying how no one cares about her, no one loves her, blahblah. just because her boyfriend broke up with her recently and now she's living with us for the time being. but i hope that bitch gets a reality check soon.

anyway, so this happens right as i decided, hey, maybe i'll try to start studying. but yeah, obv i can't after that for a while. my mind was all preoccupied. so i end up staying online watching youtube videos, facebooking, and IMing a friend until 530am. sometime around 4 i think i took a shower. so i finally started studying. then after an hour or so, i figured i should take a nap. which was like 730. i woke up at 1030. studied for a bit, went to class at 1230, pretty sure i aced it thankfully. was done before 1. got home, had some lunch, watched tv, then started studying for my other test for just under an hour, went to my 330 test and pretty sure i aced that. so i'm pretty happy. i got my research paper back that was supposed to be 5 pages long, and i only got 2 done, and got a C! so i was kinda stoked actually. hahahahah. i hate research papers. and i did it all that day, so i think that's pretty good. ;] and so i got back home around 430. my aunt's crying on the phone with insurance people. i felt bad. the end with that.

now me and peter aren't really talking anymore and i'm kinda upset cuz all i wanted was him to be a friend to me like he is to anyone else and he's been being such a dick the last week. so i'm over that too. he's moving to loxahatchee next month, in january, anyway. but like.. i seriously have no girlfriends that i see everyday or whenever anymore and i'm sad. and he was the only otehr person i could see whenever cuz he has no job and i really need human interaction daily. if not, i'm insane. and like i've been really lonely and i hate my life. and i'm moving. k bye.