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could she be in love?

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killing me softly [Sep. 23rd, 2008|01:39 am]
could she be in love?
[`feelin pretty` |depresseddepressed]
[`my ears hear` |tv other room]

i've found myself in an abyss of no emotion.

i'm at another point of my life where i want to have someone to call my boyfriend. blah.

but i have too much shit going on as it is.

working... school...

going to ny oct 17-22; and boston nov 7-12... who knows where i am going for winter break?

might go to canada where yinkles is from. maybe utah for some snowboarding.

might try to get a job at the boca hotel soon... we'll see.

or i think i might just move next semester too, because it is entirely too lame for me as of right now in boca. i am going insane.

i'm growing depressed, because i like to see friends everyday, and i am not getting to do that very well!!! all i have is my retard- kitty friend. :[ she's cute though, currently rubbing her head on the edge of the screen. she's climbing all over everything now. weirdo.

i miss my friends. :( i wanna go to disney world. lol.

i am seriously hiding behind a smile. i look happy, but i'm really not at all.
i mean, nothing is horrible. but i'm kinda depressed. i wanna feel loved. :[

retard won't even snuggle with me. *sigh* hah.

well, i'm not quite sure if i had any homework the past 5 days, so i'm going to check and get some sleep. classes 1230-615... yay, PSH.