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my troubles and complaints, kerplank. [Aug. 30th, 2008|05:21 am]
could she be in love?
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now that it has been about 5 months since i've written in here, i think it may be time to do so again!.. since i'm up and have nothing better to do with my life.

last time i wrote, i got my friend in trouble with school? that was awkward, so i'm going to try to never do that again! anyway...

well, i have no friends here in boca anymore. amanda moved to connecticut almost a month ago. everyone else went back to school.
catherine- fsu; chloe- uf; angie- fullsail; jacqui- ucf... vinny went back to ucf.

mike moyer came to visit for a few days at the end of july, i hadn't seen him in over 3 years.. crazy. it was nice the first 2 days, but then, dumbass biatch brittany mcleod whored herself into shit some more. so... then it went sour, oh well.

i have geina, monique, and candice here... but we all have different schedules with school and work, so, it's kinda hard to play.

i need to work out and lose some lb's and tone my boday. lalalaa..

my "neighbor boys from lynn" aren't anymore. they moved west. now i see that there are new ones. i should meet them soon, but i keep working late nights this weekend :[.

well, this semester i'm taking 3 classes... fun.

oh, july 1st my hosue got semi-robbed. my shit got robbed. my dell laptop & both of my digital cameras. sucks. but currently i am on my new hp laptop & i also got a new fun digital camera. :] but, i don't have my pictures from when kellie came down for 2 weeks in june! :[

hmm.. jory transferred schools so i don't get to see his cuteness anymore :[ now he is going to school in boston.. i think i'm gunna go visit at the beginning of november.

i'm going to buffalo/canada for kellie's 19th bday, woowoo. get drunk! :] her brother pj just had his first baby on the 22nd. so i get to see a new little bamrick.

ah, shit! i just realized i have to write a paper for my enc1101 for tuesday. whatevs. i'd rather write about nonsense on here.

hmmm..... there's a lot of storms and shit going on right now, fuckin' hurricane season in south florida! baaaah.

i'm kinda depressed. and it's not turning me on.

i'm going to go to sleep now possibly, nice short update on my boring life. k bye.